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Firefly flash caving slaves Firefly Flash Slaves
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Use a slave unit for good lighting when caving in New Zealand Firefly, the caving flash slave unit in New Zealand

Firefly Flashgun Slaves
Designed By Cavers, For Cavers

Live-life Experiences are the New Zealand distributor for these fantastic pieces of photographic technology.

Designed by cavers for cavers, so they handle some pretty rough treatment. Improve your caving photography. You can buy one 'Firefly Two' for $124.90 including GST & freight in NZ securely online here. or buy a 'Firefly Three', which is $183.40 including GST & freight in NZ, securely online here.

What are these flashgun slaves?

This small and compact unit will trigger a flashgun remotely. They are very sensitive, which means you can hide your flashgun well away from the shot being taken.

Many other slaves need direct line of sight to work. These will not trigger with torch light which is a big bonus for us cavers. Saves the frustrations of accidental triggering and saves the battery of the flashgun.

How do these slave units work?

These units detect the infra red light emitted from your camera's on board flash. The Firefly is mounted on the remote flash. Using a remote flash eliminates that 'flat' photo. Adds greater depth. Eliminates those spots that are not seen by the naked eye but are captured by your camera's on board flash.

How do I set it up?

Using the Velcro strip provided fasten the slave trigger to the remote flash that you wish to use. Connect it and that's it. Little else is required the slave unit needs no turning on or off, it is on all the time and ready for immediate use. Batteries last for approx two years.

What about my cameras pre flash and red eye reduction flashes?

There are two Firefly units available. The Firefly two will trigger on the first flash that your camera fires so if you have a camera that has a pre flash you will need the Firefly three, this little beauty, with the help of some very smart electronics will only trigger on the main flash ignoring the pre flashes that your camera might fire. You can even program your Firefly three to suit your camera if it's a little different to most. Many modern amateur cameras fire pre flashes which cannot be turned off.

How do I know if my camera pre flashes?

Check your cameras instruction manual, or you may be able to make out the pre flashes when you fire your flash.

Please feel free to contact Live-life Experiences for additional help if you are unsure.

What if I don't want to use the flash on the camera?

When you purchase your Firefly it comes with a special filter that cuts out the visible light that is emitted by your cameras flash but it still lets the infra red light through. This means that your camera will still set off the remote flash.

How does that work?

All you do is to hold or stick the filter across your camera's flash.

What sort of results will I expect?

Back lighting and silhouetting an image is a spectacular way to highlight a subject and at the same time showing the surrounding area. Side lighting can give some dramatic and stunning effects. Using a remote flash will eliminate all of those specks of dust and water droplets in the air that your on board camera flash always picks up. You can use multiple remote flashes to light a long passageway which will show great depth and distance. Multiple flashes can also light large chambers. The flash on board your camera has a tendency to flatten the scene which makes what could be a great photo just an ordinary snap shot.

What's the cost?

The Firefly Two is $124.90 including GST & freight in NZ. Buy securely online here.
The Firefly Three is $183.40 including GST & freight in NZ. Buy securely online here.

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