Explosives & Rope Access Contractor

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Blasting & Abseiling Services

Use our blasting, abseiling or rope access services for:

  • Minor repairs and maintenance of buildings, lighthouses, ladder systems...
  • Water blasting and cleaning
  • Painting
  • Provide safety for trades people required to work at height

Explosive Experts

Independent Blasting and Abseil are explosives experts too. Working with the client, boulders, bed rock, trees and other obstructions are reduced or removed.

Qualified and Safe

All participants on the work site are qualified to the the job and also in rescue techniques.

Safety plans and hazard management plans are always worked through prior to work commencement.


'Independent Blasting and Abseil' has full public liability insurance for the principal and for any sub contractors that it uses.

Contact us now to discuss your explosives & abseiling requirements

Contact us now to discuss your blasting, explosives & rope access requirements

Independent Blasting and Abseil
Explosives & Rope Access Contractor

F2 1360 Moutere Highway, RD1, Upper Moutere, Nelson
Tel: 03 543 2600

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